FCPCS Evaluation Systems for Classroom Teachers, School-Based Administrators, and Other Instructional Personnel

FCPCS has developed and copyrighted an evaluation system for teachers and school-based administrators that complies with the statutory requirements of Florida Statute 1012.34.

Per s.1012.34, F.S., a performance evaluation must be conducted for each employee at least once a year, except that a classroom teacher, as defined in s.1012.01(2)(a), who is newly hired by the school, must be observed and evaluated at least twice in the first year of teaching in the school. With the passage of the Student Success Act in 2011, the evaluation system for instructional personnel and school-based administrators became focused on student performance. Per s.1012.34, F.S., fifty percent (50%) of an instructional employee’s evaluation is based on student performance. The other fifty percent (50%) is based on Instructional or Leadership Practice and Professional and Job Responsibilities.

Use of these Evaluation Systems is FREE but is limited to charter schools that are FCPCS Members in good standing.

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