The Florida Principal and Teacher Academy offers 149 professional learning courses that are aligned with FCPCS’ Evaluation Systems for Classroom Teachers, School-Based Administrators, and Other Instructional Personnel. These courses are part of the FCPCS Professional Learning System, which has been approved by the Florida Department of Education as a Master Plan for In-service Activities.

  • Submit a registration form for payment by check or credit card:
    • FPTA Registration Form - Directions: Download this form, type the required information directly into the form, save it as a WORD document and email it as an attachment to [email protected]. Please do not convert it to a PDF document.

NOTE: all participants must be employees of an FCPCS Member School. In-service points are awarded for completion of the online courses.

In-service Points Available

Participants may receive in-service points after completing the courses and submitting evidence of follow-up and evaluation activities.

NOTE: If you do not complete the course or fail to submit the required documentation as outlined in the FPTA Checklist, in-service points cannot be awarded.

Online Course Provider

The online courses listed below are provided through Educational Impact, a respected provider of high quality online professional learning for education professionals. Educational Impact has aligned its online professional learning courses to the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) and to the Florida Principal Leadership Standards (FPLS).

Award of In-service Points for Completed Courses

Upon completion of any course, participants may apply for in-service points through the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools. As part of this process, the participant must submit evidence of follow-up and evaluation components related to the course completed. FCPCS will submit the documentation to the Florida Department of Education which will award the in-service points directly to the participant.


$149 per participant for access to all 149 courses for Administrators and Instructional Personnel for one year provided that your school is an active member in good standing with FCPCS.  Participants may apply for and receive in-service credits for all completed courses at no additional cost.